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There are many things to consider as a dog owner.

It is very important that you understand your responsibilities to your dog and to the community, so as to ensure that dogs and their owners are welcome into society.

Some dogs are bred for looks, others for their working ability. Well, DALMATIAN IS A BREED THAT OFFERS BOTH !

 Do you mind spending hours grooming and cleaning your dog and your house? THAN A DALMATIAN IS FOR YOU !

 There were many situations when we said that we would never have a breed with longer coat, although we do admire their fancy outlook on shows and all the effort and time that their owner has to spend while grooming their wonderfull coat.

 Let’s say, that we would rather spent this time in the long walks or in the woods with our dogs!

Some breeds have a strong smell; others dribble a great deal! WELL, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT IF YOU’RE HAVING A DALMATIAN !

If a dalmatian has a proper and normal care, they will have the minimum of possible smell.

Believe me, we have 7 dalmatians in the house and people who come in our house with not knowing that, don’t believe that dogs live there. Eventhough a dalmatian is a mostly white coated dog, it does not require to be washed or brushed every day ! The coat length makes the brushing and cleaning very easy and thanks to the self-rinse shampoos very quickly!

They adore to be in a clean inviroment, so don’t forget to change his sheets regularly!

Are you a person who likes long walks or bike riding? THAN A DALMATIAN IS FOR YOU ! Always take him with you and he will be the happiest dog on the world!

Remember that dalmatian is not for those owners who like to sit in their sofa and rather watch TV than going outside and enjoy wonderfull weather and nature!

People who think that a dalmatian is a stupid dog who only has spots, are totaly wrong!

Have to say that a person who cannot teach a dalmatian, a breed that is intelligent and quick learning, is either thinking that a dog is supposed to know everything himself since the day of his birth or, is very lazy to teach anyone anything and that having a dalmatian (or any other dog) was just a matter of his current mood, without considering that this dog is supposed to be his life-time partner !

Remember that dalmatians are very easy to teach and how much you teach him, he will return it to you in tripple!

 And all this is true!

Your dalmatian will be proud to show you everything what you have learned him and will be always happy and gratefull for all the time you spend with him!

He adores to be involved into all the situation in your life, either you are happy or sad, at home or on your holiday!

He is like a child that wants to know everything, and how much you learn him, later you will see that he knows what you think and he will behave depending the inviroment and situation.

He will be happy to come home from a walk, to eat and drink some water and than to enjoy his resting in a soft and clean dog bed!

Don’t teach him to sleep in your bed, as otherwise you will not have much space left to sleep, as he will enjoy your whole pillow and blanket trying to make himself as confortable as possible:))

So, after you and your family decided to have a spotted member in your home and after all of you have agreed about daily obligations, you must decide weather to have a male or a female dog !?

If you have no intention to have at least one litter if taking a female puppy, than please decide to take a male puppy!

It’s a pitty and unhealthy to have a female and never to allow her to have babies! The worst thing is if you take a female and get her sterilised.

Many people think that females are much calmer than males, but due to our experience, it does not depend on a dog’s gender, it depends on a dog’s character.

After the whole process of deciding, contacting us, making reservation, getting photos how your future family member is growing older, the day to pick up the puppy has finally come ! The whole family is very excited and happy and having many questions and thoughts how the whole thing after comming home will work!

Well, you don’t have to worry that much! We will advise you about everything!

There is not souch a big deal to learn your puppy to make everything outside and believe us – he will learn it in a week (ofcourse, you have to be persistant and understand his needs!) You will see that all this effort will be worth and you will all enjoy learning your new family member and you will be proud how quickly he can learn things!

Ofcourse, you must award him with some dog cookies! > Don’t forget to have cookies always somewhere near, as he will happily look for them!:))

We will always be available on our mobile, as we insist that you ask us about everything, eventhough some questions may seem not so important, it will make your life muck easier and we will be happy to help with some tips & tricks!

Feeding a dalmatian, would be very simple if you would let him to eat whatever he wants! Eventhough he would be very happy, please, don’t do that!

The unproper diet can ruin his health and his skin! As dalmatians have a specific urine-tract, they must be fed with a proper diet with a lower protein level.

Through our life of 20+ years as owners and breeders, we have been ofcourse discovering many kinds of diet, those home made with fresh prepared mix of meat (chicken, turkey, fish), vegetables, rice, pasta or cereals and all completed with vitamins and many kinds of dry super premium foods.

 But as our today’s life is of a very rushy kind, the daily schedual doesn’t leave us not much free time and the most important thing is that how much you try, you can never make a propely balanced food to your dog’s age.

Therefore, we have searched for the best possible dry super premium food and the final decision fell on Purina PRO PLAN !

As already many years have passed under this way of nutrition, we can say and guarantee that and our dogs are highly satisfied and healthy and we are happy to see them being happy! Their complete outlook and especially their health and immunity is on a very high level. We are speaking here from the puppy’s age to the deep veteran’s age.

You must be aware of the fact that our dalmatians are our life and that we are not a kind of breeders that breed fo money – WE BREED TO IMPROVE THE BREED, carefully discovering genetics, breeding lines and selecting!

Therefore, we carefully choose our new puppy owners and we give our best to beam them in a proper way. The most important for us it that a puppy has a wonderfull and carying family who will give their best in their dog’s future life. If the dog is of a show quality, it would be pitty to stay only at home as a pet, not giving him a chance to be shown in some show and not to be bred from lately!

That’s all for now! Other so called “tips & tricks”, we will gladly share with the new owners…


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