2 NEW LITTERS - end Aug 2019 & mid Sept 2019

Through all these years, we have learned to be patient, there is no need to rush.

The breederĀ  should be objective and sincear to himself by realising his dogs qualities and faults.

This is the only way a breeder can go forward, being “realistic” and knowing what you want to achieve!

To love our dogs and cherish them, slowly learning and researching,reading many books and researching handbooks, listening to many old breeders, and when all this collected together, trying to give your best.

To advise the new owners and young breeders. Neither every litter that can be a successfull litter and nor all the puppies are of a show quality.

As much as we try, the nature has it’s own selection and our job is to try to get the best possible out, from getting two most important facts together – phenotype and genotype.

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